No Man’s Sky’s Million Returning Players with its latest Game Pass and Windows 10 Release

No Man’s Sky is again making a big buzz with each recent update. With all the recent changes and updates done, it was clearly seen that the game is gaining a lot of traction in the gaming industry.


Main game programmer Sean Murray promised that there will be more to the game as reported in

What made this huge wave of returning players is about the combination of the newest game pass release, windows 10 update and they also enabled cross-platform gameplay.

What’s new to No Man’s Sky?

With all these huge number of returning players, the developers are promising to provide a much better combat and space exploration gaming experience.

It was reported that last month, the game developers noticed that there were around a Million players for No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky: Desolation is promising to make a better update for the best gaming experience

A little rundown with the game, it’s actually about space exploration that involves combats as you go through with the game’s journey.

Here, the story revolves about a planet with a combination of alien humanoid explorer. The good thing about No Man’s Sky is that it is constantly getting an update from the developers.

These updates are aimed to provide new features that would also benefit the players.

No Man’s Sky’s Devs made a Game Changer Move

The recent update on No Man’s Sky Desolation has provided a good gaming feature. Latest updates include customization of fighters, better combat moves and new set of weapons.

No Man’s Sky has now a huge community, all because of the Xbox Game Pass.

The game had its decent number of players from different platforms when it was first released in 2018.

Final Thoughts about the game

What is considered a game changer though, is when the developers managed to enable the cross-platform gaming experience.

With this, it enticed old players to come and play the the game again. All the gamers where united to the game regardless of their gaming platform. Definitely a good move for the game’s developers.

With its recent updates, we are expecting a larger number of players in the game. More players, much more fun and definitely a good space exploration experience.

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