How to Remove a Hacker from my Android Phone

How to Remove a Hacker from my Android Phone

It is undeniable that mobile phones has been part of our daily lives. It plays a big role in our day to day activities.

Almost everything that we do with our mobile phones are somehow disclosing some sensitive information about us. Like our current location, places we’ve visited and much more.

These are very sensitive information that should be kept in private. The problem is, it’s also vulnerable to hackers and criminals. Read more news like this in CNN.

What is Phone Hacking

This process is usually done in different ways. Some are complex while some are straightforward simple, targeting those most that are not tech savvy.

Some hacking process may include about spyware apps that automatically transmits your current location.

Some spyware apps may also steal your password and private credentials without you knowing it.

How to remove a hacker from my android phone

You can easily remove a hacker from your android phone by doing a factory reset.

But bear in mind though, that by doing this process it will reset your phone to the factory’s default settings and stored data on your phone like picture and videos will be deleted.

Be sure to backup all your data first before performing a factory data reset.

How to know if who hacked your phone?

If you’re starting to notice that your battery drains quickly, or your mobile data consumption is very high without you actually using it, then most likely a spyware application is running in the background and sending your private data.

It’s not that easy to identify if who hacked you. The severity of this actually depends on how you’re phone is being compromised. That’s why, we’ll need to check first if how your phone possibly got compromised.

Run a security scan on your android phone

This is a very simple process yet an effective way in detecting the spyware on your phone.

In most cases, you’ll be the one to install the apps on your phone. But there’s also a chance that someone might have installed it instead.

Most anti-spyware apps will detect any suspicious or unusual done by an app. However, it’s also a good thing if you are able to check the installed apps on your phone and one by one check if there’s an app that you don’t recognize.

Delete unwanted suspicious app

Doing the factory reset was the easiest thing that you can do but if you don’t want to wipe out all your existing data on your phone then there’s another way.

Simply, one by one check all the applications installed to your phone.

Some may not be that familiar to you but definitely you should be able to spot the suspicious ones.

You may ask your friends or even lookup the app’s name in the internet to identify whether it’s legit or not.

Final Thoughts

Our mobile phones are undeniably playing a very important role in our lives and we’re storing most of our private information to it.

That’s why it’s very important that we keep it safe from hackers by doing regular OS updates and anti malware scans.

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