Best Free and Non Free online platforms that offer live classes for students 2020

It’s undeniably real that online learning is becoming the trending stuff these days due to the pandemic. More and more students are looking for some places in the internet that offers live classes, in a way to continue learning while staying at home.

Best Free and Non Free online platforms that offer live classes for students 2020

The value of this online learning project is considered very high because of its capability to enhance a student’s learning capability without actually going to the school. A lot of studies found out that online learning will someday become the new normal for schools and universities. This data earned different reactions from teachers, students and parents. You can read more about the benefits of online learning here.

Here, we will feature that top online platforms that offers live classes for students. Check out below.

1. Dacast

This is compatible in both live streaming and hosting a video. This online platform for education is just good and it’s developed for starting educators. What’s good about them is that they also feature some password protection for the users.

Here, your IP address will not be tracked. So you can ensure that your privacy is highly respected. There’s also a token generator ensuring that only the registered students will be able to join the platform.

2. IBM Cloud Video

They uses the best technology based from UStream. This support a very powerful set of features and it’s great for institutions and educators with a higher budget.

This online platform caters a lot of different features like password protection, provide URLS and lot of more.

3. Kaltura

This is considered as one of the powerful, best online platform for students. It’s able to provide a larger data allocation for institutions that would require a huge or bigger audience. This is a very good online platform so you should check them out.

They also include some security features just like with the other platforms and aside from that they are also able to cater a much wider audience. This platform is also recommended if you have a higher budget.

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